Joining Forces

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As from October 2018, two Gauteng based Interior & Décor companies – Living Divani and K Interiors – will operate as one business, offering clients a holistic business solution when it comes to renovation, design and interior projects including both residential and commercial entities.

Having collaborated on various exciting and award-winning projects in the past, principal designers Alida Lambooy and Karen Richards is thrilled to work together to build the Living Divani brand, both here in Africa and abroad in the US.  Karen will run the African operations with Alida heading to (CITY) to establish and spearhead the Living Divani brand in the US.

“I am thrilled to merge two strongly customer centric brands together as one stronger and more creative Living Divani for the future,” says Karen, adding that this integration will be seamless for clients but will offer them an even stronger creative force to ensure their dream living spaces become reality. “I am particularly excited to work with Alida in bringing the US trends to African shores – it promises to be phenomenal and offer our customers so much more!”

Says Alida: “Having worked with Karen before and watching her grow and mature as a designer with a unique voice and take on specifically colour trend interpretation, I am confident that the Living Divani brand will continue to shine and grow.”

The “new” Living Divani will continue to offer passion, commitment, creativity and absolute professionalism to its customers, supported by a strong team of designers and well established supplier relationships. The company operate throughout Gauteng and extend services to the coastal areas of Cape Town, KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape; while it also operates in Nigeria, Zamiba, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi and Tanzania.

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