LayBy Living

We all dream of the perfect interior and aspire to attain the look and feel in our homes, worthy of a décor magazine spread. However, at Living Divani we know that it is not always possible to pay for these dream items and design fees upfront in cash. Because it is important for us to give clients the opportunity to create a space to fall in love with, we offer a lay-by option – this way you can use to pay for the services, furniture and other items over a period of time that suit your budget.

What is LayBy Living?

In essence it is a payment option that allows you to purchase goods that you may not be able to purchase in cash, by having the store/supplier that you have purchased it from hold it for you while you pay it off in an agreed time frame. This payment option is a signed agreement between you and the supplier and no interest is charged. If – for some reason – you are no longer able to complete the purchase, you will be refunded and charged an agreed cancellation fee. Once the full amount for the goods have been paid, work will start on making your dream space come to live. We will require a 10% upfront deposit to engage the agreement.