Your investment for my services is based on either an hourly consultation fee or a full project fee, depending on your specific needs. Each project is scoped according to specific needs and therefore we do not have a standardized rate card.

Each project’s specification and scale are unique and as such this is agreed during our concept and presentation phase. Much of the length of project depends on how fast you make decision and how many revisions are required.

Yes we enter upon a formal agreement which contains the project scope and specifications; costing and basic terms and conditions

Our team is backed by best-in-industry suppliers and contractors and we are comfortable with their product guarantees, which will be discussed in detail upon commencement of agreement.

Once we determine that we both feel comfortable with each other through our consultations and conversations you can expect to enjoy a healthy collaborative design process with us. It’s important for us to put the client and your needs first at all times and strive to fulfill your expectations. We will regularly communicate and be in touch to ensure we stay aligned through the process. Have a look at our process to familiarize yourself with the journey.

Absolutely! We believe every design should tell a story and what better way to tell your story than using the items you hold dear? We may recommend some changes to pieces (like re-upholstery or reframing) but all will be done in close consultation with you to ensure you are completely comfortable with whatever we propose.

Part of our service and agreement will include sourcing of items so yes purchase of key pieces will be handled by our team. Remember – there are many times when items are only available to trade which ensure you get the best and unique items. Smaller décor items and accessories can be purchased by yourself, depending our contractual agreement. We often include a “smalls shopping trip” with our client to keep you involved!

An architect or builder considers the infrastructure, exterior and general specifications for room which is specified in their scope of work. Interior designers consider the time you will spend inside the house and how you live to create a functional and beautiful space. We work with you to ensure an easy an logical flow of movement and design that showcase your and your family’s personality at its best. Very often practical elements such as plug points and lighting solutions are not considered by architects so I often work in partnership with architects to work on those elements.